Do you know where your favorite sweater comes from? It might have been an easy decision to buy it but it’s time to think about more than just that.

The project "Ein Fetzen Stoff - Shreds Of Fabric" deals with specific influences of the fashion industry with the focus on social, ecological and economic subjects. Further it includes the topics of emergence of fashion as well as the environmental impact of the fast fashion society. The focus is set on finding solutions and alternatives for consumers to contribute to change. The target group are the youngest generations since it will redefine consequences of the future through their actions. Every person is responsible and should be able to interpret and apply sustainable choices.The showing project is an explanation which considering children in primary school. The communication through illustration gives access to the spoken topic and creates awareness.

The product is a leporello which enables a explanation of the topic by the way of the folding and it additionally allows illustration to tell a story. All of that is supported by the main character "Nino". He travels through the topic and switches between time and places. Nino experiences the fashion industry from the cotton plant to the production of the clothes following to the shops where we buy the finished textiles. The project illustrates the neutral way of business (how things are done) on one side and the emotional part of the influences of our actions on the other side. In the end the main character reflects all steps and thinks about how our actions could be done in a fair process. 

The style is simple. It aims a easy understandable way to enable children the knowledge about how our clothes are made. It allows children to immerge into a story and learn about a important topic of our everyday life.  


It's the first childrenbook I made from the concept, research to the drawings and storytelling. But that is not the only reason why it's special to me, also because of the important topic. It was much fun to combine the background about the today's fashion industry, my skills of illustration and the storytelling factor for children. I think it is particularly important that children learn about everyday life in a playful way and how this affects the environment. 

Tasks: Concept | Illustration | Text | Theory

Bachelor thesis and project