The Wissenszentrum of the Salzburg Museum is a dynamic hub where history comes alive. Serving as a collecting depot, office, photo studio, and workshop space, it preserves and explores Salzburg's cultural heritage. From safeguarding artifacts to hosting educational programs, it's a vital link between the past and present, ensuring that Salzburg's rich history remains vibrant and accessible to all.

The "Wissenszentrum" Studio was originally located in the center of the city of Salzburg. It has now been temporarily relocated to a location in the south of the city. Therefore, they needed a design that established a path from the entrance area on the ground floor to the workshop rooms on the first floor. The mural runs exactly in this direction. It consists of a conveyor belt that metaphorically transports the collection items from the old to the new location.

The mural is drawn by hand on the walls with acrylic graffiti marker. Meters by meters of lines and circles. 8 to 9 of painted walls. What an satisfying challenge that was!


Tasks: mural wall painting

Client: Salzburg Museum

Supervisor and Typo: wir sind artisten

Photos by Michael Klimt