"Hardigatti, is des Bier scho wieda lear?!"

"HARDIGATTI" is the first launched beer can of the Austrian brewery Bierol. The freaky brewers are well-known in the industry for their experimental hoppy beer creations. They're always searching for new special ingredients for their unique babies. The "Hardigatti" can is filled up with a fruity fresh Pale Ale beer. Its name is an typical Austrian slang and is an expression for craziness or suprising.

The concept supports the meaning of the special shout out itself in a authentic way to the brewery. Its combination of the cheeky illustration and the simple layout leads directly to what's inside and catches attention. Additionally the crazy cow as a symbol remembers on the Austrian origin. The main color shines bright on the printed label, so it attracts attention and that is what the brewery absolutely want. The lettering has a scatchy touch to complete the style of the drawing.  




 Client: Bierol    

Tasks: Concept | Layout | Illustration | Lettering´╗┐