A corporate visual is a set of visual elements that represent a company's brand identity and communicate its values, goals, and overall image to its target audience. It typically includes a logo, color scheme, typography, and other design elements used consistently across all communication channels to establish a recognizable and memorable identity for the business. 

Together with the peeps of the Bierol brewery I created a abstract illustration that captures various elements releated to beer, its location of the farmhouse brewery. The style of the design is dynamic and linear, with a flow that suggests experimentation and youthfulness.  

The two logos are the main focus of the design, which are likely the visual identifiers for the brewery. The design is simple enough to be used in other applications, which is important for branding consistency.

Overall, the corporate visual successfully capture the essence of the brewery and its products. The use of abstract elements is an effective way to convey ideas and concepts in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to understand.

Tasks: Illustration

Client: Bierol GmbH


The corporate visual represents the brewery on a various brand items like business cards, beer coasters and decorates specially produced glasses. AND there is more. I created a t-shirt design for their merch store. It's a 4 colored print on the back combined with elements taken from the design on the chest. 


Photocredit: Bierol GmbH