"Den Energiefressern auf der Spur" (On the trail of the energy guzzlers) is a kids paper where two detectives Emma and Lukas and their dog Flash find out where the energy comes from, what different forms there are and what energy is used for. The children become detectives and getting the knowledge to the topic in a playful way. In the second part of the booklet they can work together with their teacher on various tasks based on the text in the booklet. 


My challenge was to create the characters Emma and Lukas plus their dog Flash. They are acting in different settings. So it was asked to build them in various positions. The kids charisma is smart, cheeky, motivated and confident. I built them keeping in mind that children could easily identify with the characters. In the booklet the friendly coloring is very saturated, which suits the young audience. The illustrated enviroments are flat, simple and clear. This supports the understanding of the content. 


Tasks: Illustration

Client: Salzburg AG

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