In the summer of 2020 I was asked to create a mural design  for the new kindergarten in my hometown in Salzburg. The kindergarten indoor design is entirely made of wood, so very aligned to natural materials. I decided to take this up in my design.

The object is a flourish flower. It stands for the connection to the growing up children and for life, because it symbolizes going through phases of life, to blossom up feelings and let it go when seasons are over, always in connection with nature. At the same time, nature is one of the most important added value of the town where the kindergarten is located. There, the fertile earth contributes a large part to the well-being of the people who live there. 

The mural consists of two walls, each of them reach 2x6 meters. They extend over two floors and are actually the cover of a elevater core. The flower construction is made of wood. I cutted out the individual shapes, mounted them on the wall, gave them structure with a plastering technique and colored the walls with a natural shade at the end. 


The workflow of this project was crazy, so different to my usual work. The focus was on the sunlight and its impact on the shadows. I added a structure to give the wall a earthy feeling and to support the 3D-effect of it.

Honestly, I needed time to kill my darlings - especially the colors - to minimize the design and to realize that the expression of the flowers shapes is all that is needed.

Tasks: Illustration | Construction | Painting

Client: Gemeinde Wals-Siezenheim